Website For a Dictionary

Using an online dictionary is a wonderful way to understand new words and improve your writing skills. These dictionaries may also comprise fun features like sound pronunciations or perhaps videos. You can find dictionaries that provide definitions, alternatives, antonyms, and definitions of sayings that are used in distinctive contexts.

One of the most popular websites with regards to dictionaries is Merriam-Webster. This website has been in business for more than 20 years and is an excellent resource for English language learners. It offers an array of services, including a thesaurus, a word dictionary, and a translator for prevalent languages.

Some other dictionary web page, Wiktionary, Recommended Reading is a collaborative project. It is actually similar to Wikipedia in many ways, but offers a number of benefits. Like Wikipedia, it is available to the public and anyone can add, edit, and remove internet pages. In addition , excellent substantial web based book, which is ideal for youngsters.

There are also various other dictionaries, such as the Urban dictionary, which concentrates on urban words and phrases and their explanations. It has various features, say for example a Thesaurus, a dictionary of urban sayings, and synonyms. It also incorporates a graph showing how often a expression is used in different situations, so you can see how often a term is used in a particular context.

Great resource for children is a dictionary called the small Explorers Photo Dictionary. It is a picture book that acts more like a great encyclopedia over a regular dictionary.