Model: RIVO-DOC-YSC-14


  • Vaginal exfoliative cytology smear examination is more than three Pap levels.
  • Cytological examination is negative, but the naked eye observation has the suspicion of cancer
  • Long-term treatment in accordance with cervicitis, but the effects are not good.
  • The minor structural form of the lesions is difficult to determine by the observation with the naked eye.
  • The disease site and its spread part that can only be determined under the electric colposcopy before cervical cancer surgery

Technical details:

  • 1. Camera:Sony Exview HAD Camera, supporting RS232 illumination
    2. Lens resolution:1 / 4 “Super HAD color CCD, 800,000 pixels
    3. Lens horizon resolution: 480 lines or more
    4. Camera Video Output Interface: S-Video, Video, PAL format
    5. The camera signal to noise ratio: 52 db
    6. The lens focusing distance: standard 200 ~ 500mm, support 150 ~ 550mm
    7. 18 times optical zoom lens, digital zoom 12 times
    8. Magnification: 216 times
    9. Field of view: Φ = 2.5 ~ 320mm
    10. Camera self-balancing: internal AWB metering mode
    11. Light source types of lens: multi-point circular LED group
    12. Lens focus mode: fast automatic or manual focusing

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